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Fachwerk in Goslar

Kultur, Natur & Lebensfreude

Goslar and the Harz mountains have much to offer.


There are not many regions in Europe that have fantastic sceneries, so much history and such interesting cultural aspects all close together. The Goslarer oldtown, the Ore Mine Rammelsberg and the Oberharzer Waterworks all belong to the World Heritage.
Discover the historical railways, the brewing houses, the distilleries and the old trades of the Harz.
Have fun, experience adventure in the many possibilities available for holiday makers, day trippers and tourists.
The wonderful lakes and reservoirs, the wander paths and trails and the old steam trains are just a few possibilities, so that everyone finds something to suit them, to make your visit unforgettable.

Denkmal Friedrich Barbarossa

Goslar - Emperor Town

Ever since the year 1009 Goslar has been the place for an Emperors Palace.

It was the favourite Palace from Heinrich II. The most important people of the time visited Emperor and town, Peter from Hungary was only one of them.

In the 250 years as Emperors Palace all the Emperors came often to Goslar. The town was a very important and powerful place in central Europe. Many of the decisions that shaped and formed the continents were made in Goslar. In the year 1063 in the church St.Simon and St.Judas the argument between the Abbot Wideradus from Fulda and Bishop Hezilo from Hildesheim started. This argument developed into what became known as Bloody Whitsunday.

A guided tour starting from the Tourist Information Center is a great way to learn more about the town and its history.

Schöne Seenlandschaft im Harz

Landscape and Nature

One tenth of the Harz is declared as National Park. The area around the 1141 meter high Brocken is left entirely untouched to develop totally on its own.

Holiday makers and day trippers have the opportunity to experience the wildness of the mountains in the nature parks.

In the Geo Park Harz it’s possible to see millions of years of the earths history in short walks - other nature parks and Bio Reservates are waiting to be found.

Enjoy the views around the many lakes and Reservoirs in and around the mountains.

Kaiserpfalz Goslar

Culture and History

There are several natural stages in the Harz offering great Theatre in the middle of historical environment: The Harz Mountain Theatre by the witches dancing plale high above Thale or the wood stage in Altenbrak.

The "Baumannshöhle" (caves) in Rubeland is the most spectacular natural stage underground.

The towns of Goslar, Quedlinburg and many other offer with their well kept oldtowns an insight into the past. Numerous museums and exhibitions make it possible to discover the past and to experience life in the middle ages.

Sport im Harz

Sports in the Harz Mountains

Goslar and the surrounding area has many possibilities for an active holiday.

With a road bike or mountain bike the many hills or downhill trails are waiting to be found and experienced by you. Also horse riding,crosscountry skiing,paragliding,hiking or climbing are just a few possibilities for your active stay in the Harz.

In our family run hotel we are all interessed in sports and are happy to help you with any questions you may have. The owner, Bob Orton has taken part in many running and triathlon events in Germany, Switzerland, China and Hawaii.

Rent a bike: Bikeshop Ansorge


Experience the Sights

Have a look!

The Harz and its mountains offer a wide variety of views and possibilities.

That would be difficult to find elsewhere. Not only is the Brocken the highest mountain, it is also the most visited viewing point in the Harz. There are so many beautiful places waiting to be discovered.

Winterlandschaft im Harz

12 months in the year

Here in Goslar and the Harz it’s always "in season". The summer offers, with its longer days, lots of opportunities to experience the nature. But also at other times of the year and especially in the winter time, there are so many surprising natural sights and scenes to be experienced!



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